To add and configure new volumes on a current volume group in LVM

Question: How to add a new volume to an existing LVM volume group.

1. Verify if LV Group exists:

# vgdisplay

2. Create Logical Volume:

# lvcreate -L [size] [VG Name]

3. Format newly created Volume to the specified format, usually in ext4 format:

# mkfs.ext4 /dev/[volume group]/[volume name]

4. Get the UUID of the newly created Volume:

# blkid | grep [volume group] | grep [volume name]

5. Create a new entry for the filesystem in /etc/fstab. Enter the UUID information and nofail mount option in the configuration.

6. Create newly created Volume’s mount point:

# mkdir -p [mountpoint]

7. Mount the filesystem:

# mount [mountpoint]

8. Verify newly created mount point:

# df -hP