About Us

The Geek Search (thegeeksearch.com) is an online blog where we publish howtos, basic guides, and troubleshooting tips related to Linux/UNIX, DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, Ansible, Puppet). We also write on Database technologies like Oracle, Mysql, MariaDB, MongoDB. The blog was started on 15th January 2019 and we have written over 400+ articles on various technologies. I have made sure that I write technical articles that are useful and without any errors. But in the end, I am a Human being too, so make sure you validate the article in a test environment before applying it to any production setup.

Hi there, I am Deepika and I work as a Linux system admin in a Cloud Provider Company. This blog is my day to day diary of the challenges faced and knowledge gained while doing my sysadmin job. I have extensively worked on container technologies like docker along with orchestration tools such as Swarm and Kubernetes.

Along with writing here, I enjoy traveling and reading books. You can contact me at [email protected] for all your queries.

PS: We do not accept any sponsored posts or provide any paid backlinks. So do not contact us for any of such offers. You are welcome to send any guest posts (non-sponsored) at [email protected] on any NIX related technologies.